Maverick Medical Education Instructor, Stace Dollar

Stace D. Dollar, CRNA, DNAP

Stace began his career at Howard College in 1995. He worked as a RN at University Medical Center in Lubbock and at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville. Stace continued his education at Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia in Madison, TN where he earned his Masters in 2003, Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship in 2019, and his Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice in 2021. While continuing his education, he worked as a CRNA at the Cardiovascular Anesthesiology in Nashville and has worked at Central Kentucky Anesthesia in Lexington since 2006.

He serves as director of Fellowship Alumni Relations at MTSA and as an adjunct faculty member to the Nurse Anesthesia Program at Northern Kentucky University. As well, Stace serves as an Academic Liaison for the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship and as a Thoroughbred Anesthesia Academy. In addition, Stace is a member of AANA, KyANA, and ASRNA.

Publication, Research, & Credits

  • Compliance with Opioid Disposal Following Opioid Disposal Education in Surgical Patients: A Systematic Review – Primary Author
  • Surgical Patient Compliance with Healthcare Facility – Provided In-home Opioid Disposal Products: A Systematic Review: Co-Author
  • Reduction in Opioid Consumption, Pain, and Antiemetic Use Following an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol for Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Mastectomy: Co-Author
  • The Role of a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Led Acute Pain Service in Preventing Persistent Postoperative Opioid Use: Co-Author
  • Retrospective Comparison of Traditional and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocols Among Women Undergoing Mastectomy: Co-Investigator

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