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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Keep up to date with what Maverick Medical Education is doing! We write stories on innovative medical trends, pain management techniques, and our courses.


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Even those of us in the medical field have had the awkward experience of being handed an ultrasound image of someone’s new baby and having to pause and think about what we may be looking at. The marvel of ultrasound, whether for pregnancies, guiding equipment, or monitoring progression of a medical concern, is clear. We can take a look inside the bodies of our patients with a simple wave of the hand, or, in this case, wand. How do we interpret those images though? Maverick Medical Education is ...
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Maverick Medical Education is devoted to helping educate medical professionals on forms of pain relief and pain management that do not involve opioid prescriptions. One of the largest components of our educational efforts center around nerve blocks and the different ways they can be used, both pre and post operatively and in other pain management settings. Nerve blocks are versatile in how they can be used, making them an ideal consideration for a number of patients.
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