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Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Cadavers with a Pulse

Valuable Knowledge. Indispensable Skill.

If you’re paying for continuing education, why not come away with knowledge and a skill you can wield to produce better outcomes and happier patients? Maverick’s regional anesthesia courses over one-of-a-kind training on our patent-pending pulsatile cadavers — nowhere else can you practice ultrasound-guided needle acquisition on something that so closely mimics a live patient.

A Proven Teaching Method.

Maverick uses the “flipped classroom” teaching method, in which students digest the course material via online pre-learning modules before arriving in the classroom. Time in class is then spent actually practicing ultrasound-guided regional nerve blocks. Studies have shown this method increases learning retention substantially, and Maverick students typically perform 40-50 blocks during just one weekend-long course!

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