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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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There can be little doubt that COVID-19 is the major topic of conversation in lives today, not just for the medical field, but for government, businesses, organizations, and communities everywhere. As each of us adapt to the guidelines and requirements put forth, while also working to protect ourselves and our family, adapting, and doing so quickly, has been vital to success. One incredible way medical teams are adjusting to meet the needs of their patients is by furthering the use of point of c...
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Point of care ultrasound, or POCUS, is emerging as a more and more beneficial tool with the number of applications that can be used to diagnose and treat patients effectively, something Maverick Medical Education is passionate about. Of particular interest is the ways POCUS performs in regards to pediatric medicine, particularly in emergency settings. Overall, ultrasound waves are safer for children by reducing their exposure to radiation from other imaging options. Additionally, the resolution ...
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The usage of Point of Care Ultrasound, or POCUS, is vital to improving patient care in every department of a hospital or a medical practice. Expanding the use of POCUS in fields outside the four walls and confines of a building is just as vital to improving care to the greater community. In fact, Point of Care Ultrasound can save lives and provide vital information in a number of scenarios beyond how a doctor or nurse may perceive it within their standard care.
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Maverick Medical Education has always been passionate about training medical professionals in a wide array of techniques to provide communities with the best care and treatment options. We also reap the benefits of seeing how the techniques we are invested in can be utilized in different ways, rapidly adapting to serve the needs of our patients. While we intrinsically understand the importance of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in multiple settings, we never imagined the benefits it may have to...
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The stethoscope is such a normalized piece of equipment, it is constantly associated with the medical field. Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and even dress up sets are rarely seen without a stethoscope slung around the neck or tucked away in a pocket. The stethoscope wasn’t always a part of routine medical examinations, however, and the use of this equipment revolutionized the field and care of patients. Just as the stethoscope altered medicine in the early 1800s, so too is point of care...
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The medical field is defined by revolutionary advances, discoveries, and adjustments, which lead to better diagnoses, treatments, and prognoses of patients. Throughout medical history, there are some tools which standout as definitive points where a tool or device breaks down barriers in patient care. Called by some as the “stethoscope of this time”, Point of Care Ultrasound is an example of one of these definitive points. Maverick Medical Education educates and trains medical providers to be ...
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