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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Keep up to date with what Maverick Medical Education is doing! We write stories on innovative medical trends, pain management techniques, and our courses.


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Maverick Medical Education was founded on the idea of helping medical professionals learn pain relief techniques that will serve their patients and their communities through surgery, medical procedures, injuries, and on-going needs. Rather than holding on to the experience we’ve gained over the years through our own research, training, and practice, we have built a team that is devoted to teaching as many others as we can, knowing we can help patients have better outcomes and healthier lives. T...
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With a number of courses, ranging from pain management to point of care ultrasound, our Maverick Medical Education team gets questions about the skills and techniques our students will walk away with. In addition to the knowledge we give in each of our courses, we provide students with the opportunity for hands-on training and in person guidance from our skilled Maverick Instructors. Our Regional Anesthesia Essentials and Advanced courses train on a number of nerve blocks to provide experience i...
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