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Friday, June 24, 2022

Keep up to date with what Maverick Medical Education is doing! We write stories on innovative medical trends, pain management techniques, and our courses.


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Maverick Medical Education cannot rely solely on the experience and information we possess as medical providers. We also have to use tools and technology to expand on those skills. Through trial and error, we have chosen several companies to partner with, knowing these groups will help us and our students be more successful in managing pain and helping their patients, wherever they may practice.
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Point of Care Ultrasound is becoming more commonly used throughout the medical field and even beyond the four walls of the hospital and professional buildings where doctors, nurses, and technicians do a majority of their work. One of the many promising ways POCUS is being used, by our Maverick Medical Education trainees and medical professionals across the country, is the use in identifying and working through cardiac issues with our patients.
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